About US

Almost all major retailers and supermarkets sell OneVanilla Cards. Customers can usually
find One Vanilla prepaid Cards in stores for between $ 20 and $ 500. This does not imply
that the My Vanilla Card costs between $ 20 and $ 500 to purchase for customers. This
means that you can load OneVanilla Cards with as little as $ 20 and as much as $ 500.
Prepaid debit cards only hold the funds that you deposit. When you present your MyVanilla
card at the billing counter on the payment line, you will be asked how much you want to
load the card at OneVanilla.com.

Regardless of the payable amount, you pay this amount at
checkout, plus any card-related fees. OneVanilla is a prepaid card that is distributed and
managed solely by InComm Financial Services. You can use this card to make online/offline
purchases, transfer money, and pay utility bills by providing relevant information. They
provide a non-rechargeable card called OneVanilla as well as a rechargeable card called